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At American Field, our mission is to connect fans of American-made brands with the people behind them. It’s a simple idea, but one that requires hours of effort, teamwork and patience.

Therefore, we welcome all the help we can get. That’s why we’re honored to be sponsored by American Made Matters®.

AMM is an organization comprised of 350+ companies in over 45 states. Their members include American manufacturers involved in dozens of industries—from apparel and toys to steel fabrication and cleaning supplies.

The AMM story begins in 2009, when Bollman Hat Company CEO—Don Rongione—felt the need for a community of American makers. Rongione found it difficult to identify where his favorite items were coming from, and sought an easier way to unite consumers with American-made brands.

As a result, he set strict standards for “Made in U.S.A.” and invited all brands that complied with these guidelines to use the American Made Matters® logo on their products. This logo indicated that at least 50% of the cost (labor, materials, and overhead) to produce a given product would be incurred in the United States. In addition, the final assembly or transformation would also need to take place in the U.S.A. Today, the AMM logo can be found on tens of thousands of products. 

Currently, AMM is committed to fostering the growth of the American-made community. They often make business-to-business introductions and facilitate collaborative efforts between its members. “We believe that by working together, American manufacturers, eCommerce websites and retail shops can better convey the message that American made truly matters,” says AMM on their website.

To prove this, AMM hosts “American Made Matters Day” each year on November 19. This unofficial holiday encourages consumers to purchase at least one American-made item. AMM claims, “If every American spent 5% more on American made, we’d create at least 1,000,000 jobs.”

We will absolutely be celebrating on November 19 at American Field Nashville! And we invite you to do the same—whether in Nashville, on Main Street or at an online retailer.

We thank American Made Matters® for their continued support and look forward to years of partnership.

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